Tournament Rules

1) Your league scores must be posted on or to compete.

2) This tournament uses USBC sanctioned league information. Any rules not stated will otherwise follow USBC standard regulations.

3) Averages – Bowlers will enter each tournament with an entering average that is either the higher of the 2018/2019 Book Average as listed in or Current League Average.  If no average, bowler must establish average in current league for 21 or more games before participating in a tournament.

4) Amateur bowlers only. No professional bowlers allowed regardless of average.

5) The Bowler must select which league they want to use their scores from before entering a tournament. This cannot be changed during a tournament.

6) Handicaps are created with highest average, 80% of 225. 

·         140 (+68 Handicap)

·         160 (+52 Handicap)

·         180 (+36 Handicap)

·         200 (+20 Handicap)

·         215 (+8 Handicap)

·         225 (0 Handicap) 

7) Scratch Division 225 max average